The World's best boardgame. Now on the iPhone™ and iPad™

Millions of players worldwide have enjoyed Reiner Knizia's award winning game in the last 5 years since launch of the board game. But the iPad and iPhone version could be the best yet ... by far! The high res screens of the iPad and iPhone perfectly suits the colours of the game, and the iPhone's super-intuitive controls make it so easy to place those tiles!

  • Ingenious is hours of fun

    The already addictive nature of the Ingenious board game is greatly enhanced on the iPhone, giving the user a really exciting- and graphically stimulating-experience every time. Build lines of colour tiles, try and block your opponent, and remember that the winner isn't necessarily the player with the highest scores in only a few colours! You must excel in all your colours.

  • Easy access

    The rules are really easy to learn and a comprehensive tutorial will introduce you to the game. Within minutes you'll be playing effortlessly, even as a first time player of the game.

  • Music while you play

    Just choose your favourite artist or songs from the music iPod on your phone. And choose a different graphic background to suit your mood.

  • You'll need strategy

    ... to beat the AI opponents. But you have a choice of easy, medium or hard (as well as the option to play against the clock if you want). You choose! And the app will record your best scores and best performances. There is room for player profiles of up to 3 different players.

  • Play tournaments

    ... if you are feeling competitive. You can even choose to play against the clock in some of the rounds. And in the iPad version you can even play side by side or opposite a friend and play each other rather than against the AI New Feature!

  • Play the Solitaire game

    This is a seriously satisfying feature of the iPhone version! Instead of playing against opponents you use all your skills to create a really high score.